The Dr. Shelley Meyer Mighty Network
The Dr. Shelley Meyer Mighty Network
Dr. Shelley Meyer

Welcome to The Dr. Shelley Meyer Mighty Network

Join a gut health and/or hormone balance community rooted in holistic solutions and strategies!

About Me

I have been there before, where you might be: tired, foggy brain, just not feeling like yourself, bloating and abdominal pain, socially isolating, and feeling like there has to be more out there that can help! I learned there was a different way, through functional medicine, to look at my whole health picture and get to the root cause, and truly find healing.  In these two paid communities, I bring together others searching for support, community, and real life strategies from a holistic perspective, grounded in my background as a functional medicine provider, family medicine physician and registered dietitian/nutritionist.  Each community has it's own associated online course, Trust your Gut: Solutions and Strategies for gut healing; and EMERGE: Solutions and Strategies to Reclaim your Hormone Health. 

Why You Should Join Me

By joining one or both of these commmunities, you will not only have access to a thriving community, growing together and learning from each other- but also you will have access to live community exclusive events, early access to videos, and access to the online course associated with that commmunity.  Our goal is to support each other in getting to the root cause of imbalance, and finding simple, nourishing ways to reclaim our hormone and/or gut and overall health together!  

A Big Thanks

Thanks so much for joining either or both of our EMERGE and Trust your Gut online course and attached community. 

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